The sudden liquidation of Guangnan (KK) Supermarket on 20th June was a big surprise for many suppliers. The estimated total outstanding owing to more than 800 suppliers is over 100 million Hong Kong Dollars.

Inspired by this incident, Directors and Managers of supplier companies have grouped together to form the "Hong Kong Suppliers Association".

Goals and Objectives

The Association is set up to protect our members' interest. Help them to enhance their professional standard by fostering information exchange, education and training.

Followings are our major goals:

  1. Act as a media of exchanging information within the industry.
  2. To reflect industry's idea and communicate with government bodies for any new policy relating to our industry.
  3. Fostering training and education to enhance our members' management and service level.
  4. Act on behalf of our members to fight for their interests and for the industry.